Why Law Professors should write articles with Students!

One of the best parts of academic life for me has been the opportunity to engage in research and contribute to debates about what I believe to be important aspects of law. While some of this work has been conducted on my own, or in partnership with academic colleagues, collaborating with students on research projects has been a wellspring which, in my view, deserves special recognition. These student collaborations have taken many forms and have not always resulted in published work, but wherever they have led, the experience of researching and co-authoring academic papers with students over the course of my career, and especially in my time as Dean at Osgoode, has been an enduring source of pride.

As Dean, research collaborations with students have taken on added resonance. My scholarly productivity would have been severely compromised but for the invaluable energy and insight of my student co-authors. In these collaborations, I have also come to respect and be grateful for the new ideas and energy I have seen in this new generation of scholars. It has been terrific to see many of these co-authors come into their own as thriving scholars, lawyers, advocates, educators, policy-makers, and activistis.

These collaborations have flowed from many sources – including students who were working with me as research assistants, graduate students working on supervised projects, and from students who began in one of these roles and continued as partners on subsequent projects.
Here is a list of publications which could not have come to be without a remarkable group of students (and former students) as co-authors over my last 8 years as Dean at Osgoode (starting from the most recent).

“Justiciability, Access to Justice and the Development of Constitutional Law in Canada” (2017) 45 Federal Law Review 707 (co-authored with Gerard Kennedy)

“Charter Litigation, Social and Economic Rights & Civil Procedure” (2017) 26 Journal of Law & Social Policy (co-authored with Vasuda Sinha and Jenna Meguid), pp. 43-67

“Social Enterprise, Law and Legal Education” (2017) 54 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 997-1017 (co-authored with Devon Kapoor) –

“Diversity, Transparency & Inclusion in Canada’s Judiciary” in Graham Gee and Erika Rackley (eds.), Debating Judicial Appointments in an Age of Diversity (London: Routledge, 2017) (co-authored with Samreen Beg)

“Legitimate Expectations in Canada: Soft Law and Tax Administration” in Matthew Groves and Greg Weeks (eds.), Legitimate Expectations in the Common Law World (London: Hart, 2016) (co-authored with Sas Ansari) pp. 293-318

“Introducing A Flex-Time JD in Canada: New Approaches to the Accessibility of Legal Education” (2016) 95 Canadian Bar Review 92-121 (co-authored with Darcel Bullen)

“Diversity and Data in the Canadian Legal Community” (2014) 11 Journal of Law and Equality 85-131 (co-authored with Sabrina Lyon)

“Charter Values and Administrative Justice” (2014) 67 Supreme Court Law Review (2d) 391 (co-authored with Mark Friedman)

“International Civil Service Ethics, Professionalism and the Rule of Law” in Vesselin Popovski, ed., International Rule of Law and Professional Ethics (New York: Ashgate, 2014) (co-authored with Vasuda Sinha) pp.149-70

• “Social Rights and Administrative Justice” in M. Jackman and B. Porter (eds), Advancing Social Rights in Canada (Toronto: Irwin, 2014) 343-364 (co-authored with Andrea Hill)

“The Sub Judice Principle and the Accountability of Public Officials in the 21st Century” (2014) 36 Dalhousie Law Journal 535-80 (co-authored with Valerie Crystal)

“Judicial Ethics in a Digital Age” (2013) 46 UBC Law Review 629 (co-authored with Meredith Bacal)

• “Administrative Justice and Innovation: Beyond the Adversarial/Inquisitorial Dichotomy” in L. Jacobs & S. Bagley (eds.), The Nature of Inquisitorial Processes in Administrative Regimes: Global Perspectives (Surrey: Ashgate, 2013) (co-authored with Samantha Green)

“Ontario’s Administrative Tribunal Clusters: A Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty for Administrative Justice” (2012) 12 Oxford Commonwealth Law Journal 157-87 (co-authored with Jamie Baxter)

• “In Search of Aboriginal Administrative Law” in Flood and Sossin, eds., Administrative Law in Context 2nd ed. (Toronto: Emond Montgomery, 2012) (co-authored with Janna Promislow)

• “Should Legal Services be Unbundled?” in M. Trebilcock, A. Duggan & L.Sossin (eds.), Middle Income Access to Justice (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012) (co-authored with Samreen Beg)

• “The Politics of Transparency and Independence before Administrative Boards” (2012) 75 Sask. L. Rev. 13-54 (co-authored with Charles Smith)

“The Elusive Search for Accountability: Evaluating Adjudicative Tribunals” (2010) 28 Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice (co-authored with Steven Hoffman) 343-360

“In Search of Coherence: The Charter and Administrative Law under the McLachlin Court” in A. Dodek and D. Wright (eds.), Public Law at the McLachlin Court: The First Decade (Toronto: Irwin, 2011) (co-authored with Susan Gratton), pp.145-64

Let me take this opportunity to express my enduring gratitude to each of these co-authors!